Love Notes // Vol. 29


01 // With a couple of new clients and projects starting to filter their way in to my day-to-day, I've been keeping my eyes out for brand-aligned props and backdrops that fit with a certain aesthetic, and it probably won't come as a surprise that there's some pink in there. I've been loving simple shapes, matte textures and pale wood, and this shelfie, courtesy of Sarah Sherman Samuel, of course, ticks all of the boxes, providing some serious inspo around here. 

02 // It's been a busy few weeks focused on client work, which of course has me yearning for a creative "just for fun" project, and with that, starting to collect inspiration around what that might look like. So though I don't have anything specific in mind or planned out yet, this is always where the process starts — with the collection of images that might spark ideas and form a visual narrative. I'd love to work on something that really plays with textures, so this image feels like a step in the right direction.

03 // So this unapologetically feminine glam style is pretty far from my day-to-day reality (le sigh...), but it doesn't stop me from loving the slightly extra nature of it and daydreaming about a life where this might actually fit in just perfectly. Doesn't it just beg for a story to be woven around it?!

04 // One of the newer, still-secret projects I currently have in the works has me focusing on an interior space once again (and no, this isn't the new house... though that's still a work in progress as well), and this dining space, from the colour palette to the mix of finishes and textures, is perfectly capturing the vibe I'm hoping for.

05 // A Fabulous Fete is always a great resource for beautiful styling and entertaining tips, so when I popped on the other day for a little dose of inspiration, I was pleased to see that they'd recently produced a magazine focused around summer entertaining. With a few recipes, DIYs and lots of style cues and beautiful photographs, it definitely had me wanting to plan a fun summer soirée. And produce a magazine of our own....! 

06 // I've had my eyes out for affordable photos and prints to hang on the walls for awhile now, and Hôtel Magique has been at the top of that list ever since I came across them. I have yet to order anything (I tend to "stalk" items online before I'm ready to commit, ensuring they're the right piece for the space I have in mind), but after coming across this shell print, I think be ready to make the leap. Perfectly graphic and a little art deco, the hardest part will be deciding which empty wall in our place will be the lucky recipient.