Love Notes // Vol. 26


As the leaves start to change colour outside, the temperatures (slowly) drop, and our feeds become scattered with fall colour palettes and holiday-focused styling (Thanksgiving... Halloween... Christmas... 'tis the season!), it's hard to ignore the fact that the seasons are changing. Though I've always considered myself a summer gal, I've been finding myself loving this seasonal shift more and more lately. My Pinterest feed has definitely taken a turn as well, and with warmer, darker tones populating my inspiration boards, I've been trying to figure out just how to incorporate this new mood into the rest of my content — and my real life as well, whether it's wardrobe, decor, or something else altogether.

But before I start to dive into that a little deeper (I've got a very full folder on my desktop of images that are ready to be VSM-ed), I figured I'd start with a little exploration via a Love Notes post, which is always a good way to start to see where those online wanderings take you. So consider this the "fall edition"... 

01 // Whether or not I'm in the midst of working on a brand identity project or not, I'm always collecting bits of inspiration, and recently I've noticed a tendency toward illustrated elements and lots of dainty floral details incorporated that don't feel too precious, but instead have a natural quality to them that feels especially relevant at this time of year. I've also found myself drawn towards gold finishes more recently, likely because of the warmth and luxe quality it gives off. 


02 // I'm at the very beginning stages of starting in on a few home decor projects around the apartment and studio with Autumn's help, which has me hunting for decor inspo like it's nobody's business and keeping my eyes out for the perfect pieces to bring my space to life. I'm trying to follow my own process for dissecting inspiration and breaking it down unto your own style (Visual Strategy Masterclass for home decor — totally a thing!), and so as I go through the images I've saved, I've been asking myself why I'm drawn to something and how I might turn that into a design detail of my own. Always an interesting process. 

Anyways, a vintage gold bar cart is currently high on my wishlist, and when I came across this image, I was immediately drawn to not only the styling of it (plants and books for the win!), but also the wall treatment, with that slightly odd mix of wallpaper and bold colour that cuts across the painting and off-center down the wall. And though bold colours are a little different for me, this green? — I'm into it.


03 // I feel like every fall we see velvet come back into style, and every time it does, I find myself rediscovering my love for the textured, shimmery fabric. We all know my love for velvet ribbons as a prop styling detail, and I'm also pretty partial to all the beautiful velvet chairs and couches we're seeing right now, but a simple way to incorporate a little bit of velvet into an everyday outfit without committing to a big purchase? A velvet ribbon tied around a loose pony tail, a la Damsel in Dior. Instant chic. 


04 // I've really wanted to play around with a fall creative or tablescape shoot that ties in those warm colours and textures, and I'm also really loving shots such as this one from Rye London that play with composition, negative space and minimalism in way that feels incredibly fresh. It's been awhile since I worked on something "just for fun", and I think this might be the direction I want to take, challenging myself to try something a little different. 


05 // Currently crushing on these white and gold chairs in a very serious way, and as soon as I can commit to the direction of our studio space, these may be my first splurge. I love how they make a statement without feeling heavy, and I'm all about the curved lines and gold finish (surprise, surprise). The decision overwhelm is very real when it comes to decor, that's for sure... 


06 // I'm sure you're starting to see a bit of a theme here, but similarly to that bar cart styling, I'm once again attracted to a darker palette, especially when juxtaposed with gold details and accents of greenery as seen here. The more jungle-like a space, the better (in my opinion), and since I definitely need to up my planter game, I've got my eyes on some stand options that lend themselves well to the task of creating visual interest. As for wallpaper? There's nothing fully on my radar yet, but I have been eyeing Chasing Paper's removable options recently, so I'll keep you updated on what transpires with that.