Love Notes // Vol. 25

01 // You know how they say a picture is worth a thousand words? This image pretty much sums up my ideal summer style, complete with a few essentials I currently have my eyes out for. An ivory hat for hiding from the sun in style (and pairing with a little dress off the beach), and high-waisted, slightly retro swim suit bottoms. I'm the type who rarely ventures out to go buy a new swim suit (I'm assuming I'm not alone in this?), so after a few years of avoiding it, this season might be the time. Any recommendations?

02 // Still obsessed with flowers, yes, and loving this almost curved shape that seems to be the style these days. Obviously I've got wedding flowers on the mind these days, but I've also been trying to incorporate them into styling projects as much as I can, which doesn't take much convincing, and this centrepiece tutorial is a great reference. I think might also be the year that I take one the tabletop workshops from Bloom School to up my game a little. 

03 // I've always had a soft spot for hand lettering, and as Jason and I just invested in a new iPad Pro, you can expect to see that being incorporated into my work moving forward. I've already used it for a brand design I'm in the midst of (total game changer), and I have so many other ideas that I'm excited to start playing around with — including this post! 

04 // There are a lot of places on my travel wishlist these days, some for the locale itself, and others for specific hotspots that have caught my eye. If you haven't seen photos of Sketch London pop up on your feeds yet, I'd be surprised. Fully pink in decor, a little quirky but also incredibly chic, it's pretty high on my list for obvious reasons. Sugar and Charm captures it perfectly in her London travel diary

05 // A sweater in summer? Bear with me, and think cool summer nights at the cottage, beach, or even on a cute patio for cocktails. Tossed over your favourite floral dress or paired with light washed denim, slightly oversized, loose knits are one of my favourite layering items. This one is a tad on the pricey side, but it's definitely given me an idea of what to keep my eyes out for. 

06 // I'm not sure it's because I'm simply getting older or that I'm constantly on the hunt for fun props for food and prop styling, but I never thought I would get this excited by the prospect of flatware. This set though? You can't really blame me. Unfortunately the Etsy link doesn't seem to work anymore, but I'm set on hunting these beauties down.