Love Notes // Vol. 24

01 // I've found myself captivated by past Chanel collections recently, drawn to the feminine details and the mix of textures, hints of sparkle and beautiful silhouettes. Every piece seems to have such a story in and of itself, and then when placed within the context of the entire collection, that narrative is continuously woven throughout. I've been playing with various ideas of how to incorporate my love for fashion and the branding work that I do, so being able to pore over couture collections and call it research has been a dream come true, and I'm loving the direction it's going in. Not to mention that this particular shoot has me particularly smitten and left with a serious case of Parisian apartment envy. So nothing new, really. 

02 // Speaking of wanderlust, this is always the time of year, in the midst of our Canadian winter and with endless grey days that have me doubting whether we'll ever see the sun again, that I start to daydream about all the trips I want to take, particularly to sunny locales with pastel-splashed buildings. Miami has been on my list for the past couple of years, and SF Girl by Bay's travel diary of the art deco district has me contemplating how I can make this a reality. The lines of the buildings, the fonts of the signs and the colourful facades... need I say more? 

03 // I'm all for incorporating colour in any way possible these days, and fresh flowers will always be one of my favourite ways to do so, especially since they're the perfect way to treat yourself after a long week. It's hard to look at this bouquet and not think of spring, so I'm turning to this as a promise that after winter we have this to look forward to. 

04 // Though it's been a multi-year process for me, I've been making a pointed effort to narrow down my closet to only those pieces I really, truly love in an attempt to build an intentional wardrobe that feels like a true representation of my style and the elements I love. One thing that's definitely emerged from this process is my love for special details, infusions of pastel and of course a touch of embellishment. For me this looks more like a vintage brooch, a sparkly statement earring or a hint of embellishment on a collar (though I wouldn't be opposed to a fully embellished sleeve a la Monique Lhuillier, I must admit), acting as the perfect accent to more neutral basics and simple silhouettes. 

05 // While embracing my love for sparkly details, I've been simultaneously focusing on the gaps in my wardrobe and spending the time finding the pieces that fill them. Neutral basics in luxe fabrics and staples like classic, high-waisted denim have been on my list of late, and it's been like a treasure hunt of sorts, attempting to find the items that meet all my criteria instead of those that are simply available right now or at a particularly appealing price.

06 // The other thing I've been thinking about adding to my "collection" recently is a new tattoo (or two) and I think a floral piece is finally on the horizon for me. I've been loving simple little line drawings and tiny blooms, with this little design currently at the top of my wishlist (though unfortunately I'm unsure of the original source).