Love Notes // Vol. 18

01 // Last weekend a friend and I were flipping through inspiration boards and talking wedding details and dress designs. We're getting married within weeks of each other next summer, and so it's been fun to start going through the process together, though it still feels very far away. We ended up on the Dress Theory blog, and I immediately fell in love with this dreamy shoot and its stunning simplicity. Romantic and not-too-fussy, the dress itself is such a beauty, but it was the photography and beautiful light that had me swooning. 

02 // I've been especially loving simple patterns and tonal colour palettes in design recently, and was immediately drawn to this piece, with it's subtle background effect and graphic type treatment that I can just imagine in a pretty rose gold foil. 

03 // I recently had my first real experience with a gel manicure and simple nail art at Her Majesty's Pleasure, and I'm kind of hooked now, so naturally I've been searching for nail inspiration for the next time. Loving this graphic effect, with the simple black and clear finish. And even better? You can do it 5 minutes (apparently) at home!

04 // It feels like the past year has involved a lot of closet purging for me, so I've recently been on the lookout for spring and summer styles to add in to my closet now that I've whittled it down to a smaller selection. The main requirement is that I'll only buy pieces I absolutely love, and so a lot of the time that means looking for special details and colours that I'm especially drawn to.

05 // Though we moved into our apartment months ago, I'm still very much trying to make it feel like home and bring our own style into the space, which always proves to be difficult with a pretty much non-existent budget. I'm seriously loving these clustered rose gold lights, thinking they'd look great over our dining room/studio table. Though the price tag is far beyond our reality (a girl can dream!), its definitely given me a few ideas. Perhaps there's a DIY in my future?

06 // I recently came across this DIY bouquet bar, and quickly filed it away for future reference, as I love the idea for a bridal shower or something similar. Obviously anything with flowers gets my stamp of approval, and there are so many ways you could customize this depending on the group or occasion.