Love Notes // Vol. 16


01 // This shot combines a few of my favourite styling elements: a desert location (on my list of dream shoots for awhile now), iridescent sequins, and the juxtaposition of an unexpected detail, in this case Converse paired with the showstopping dress.

02 // When it comes to wedding planning, I must admit we haven't done very much since we're waiting until 2017, but that doesn't mean I'm not collecting inspiration and taking notes. And I may or may not have a grand total of three wedding inspiration boards on Pinterest, but shhhhh. This was one such detail I just love. It should come as no surprise that flowers will definitely play an important role in the decor, and this wall of tiny jars filled with blooms has me smitten.

03 // The past few weeks have been filled with lots of little projects around the apartment, finally hanging pictures on the wall, adding a coat of paint here and there, and styling little corners until they feel just right. This pretty sums it up, and I love a good still life, especially when pink paint is involved.

04 // Every year after the holidays, I get a craving to run away on a little adventure, escaping the cold and soaking in some sunshine. Needless to say, that's lead to a little wanderlust-inspired research, largely populated by pretty pastel buildings and blue skies.

05 // Quite possibly the prettiest colour palette, ever.

06 // I know I said I'm not exactly planning the wedding yet, but here you go, another piece of bridal inspiration. I'll take sparkly hair combs and delicate lace any day.