Love Notes // Vol. 13


01 // This image has been on my inspiration board forever, as I love the type treatment and the mix between the serif and the handwritten font, and recently I've been playing around a similar idea for the new Bicyclette site.

02 // If Aww, Sam isn't currently on your must-read blog list and you're into delicious treats and fun DIYs, I'd highly suggest you add it. I always look to her for styling inspiration, and with recipes such as these Banana Split Donuts, you really can't go wrong, I promise.

03 // Wildfox just released their most recent lookbook,The Wildfox Girls of Beverley Hillsinspired by one of my all time favourite novels, Valley of the Dolls, and needless to say, I'm smitten with the 60s styling.

04 // File this little holographic number under pieces I love but would realistically never wear. I have a bad habit of collecting items that will often be used in photo shoots and various styling purposes but don't quite make it into my regular wardrobe rotation, and this is the perfect example. But oh how I love anything iridescent!

05 // Speaking of collections, glassware is another area of weakness for for, as I feel as though I can never have too many options, especially when it comes to gold-detailed options. I'm currently loving these stylish highball glasses, especially for the holidays.

06 // An older image from the release of Kylie Minogue's fashion book a few years ago, but I only recently came across this image and am all about this styling. Pink background, fur, sparkle and the perfect cat eye? Yes please.