Love Notes // Vol. 11


01 // I don't think I've ever been as obsessed with shelving options as I have been over the past few weeks as we get ready for the move. We're going to give ourselves a little bit of time to settle in before making all of the decor decisions, and have a lot of items on our wishlist that we still need to hunt down, but one thing we've definitely settled on is a wall of picture ledges. I love the gallery wall effect that they have, while being a little less permanent and leaving lots of room to play around. And the black and white with pops of hot pink shown here? Pretty perfect in my books.

02 // A pink Smeg fridge and a golden pineapple? Yes, please. Courtesy of Studio DIY, of course.

03 // With the arrival of fall comes the need for a selection of boots, and I'm thinking these metallic beauties might be a good contrast to the usual black pair that I reach for. The subtle, pearlescent effect give the classic chelsea boot style a whimsical touch.

04 // Officially adding a white sweater dress to my fall must-have list.

05 // The details of the dress and the pearls in the hair. Need I say more? Le sigh. 

06 // This was from last year's Vancouver trip and a visit to Sweet Bake Shoppe, but I recently came across an Etsy store that sells the coveted Press for Champagne bell, and must say, I'm seriously tempted for the new place.