For Love & Lemons Summer '14 // Hot Texas Summer


For Love & Lemons continues to impress and captivate us with their newest collection and look book for Hot Texas Summer  that was released last week. This powerful duo have gained a lot of publicity over the last year and continue to rebel against the constraints of  modern fashionistas with their risky and provocative images and collections. With the success of their Skivvies collection, the girls incorporated a lounging lingerie feel to this collection as well that really brings the branding full circle.

 For this collection the brand traveled to Austin, Texas where they found inspiration and curated a selection of sexy floral and lace pieces inspired by the city’s lifestyle. We love this look book because it provides such a potent look into this sexy world. We imagine summer days spent hanging out in back yards at 100 degrees. Messy braids, pouty lips, pink bubble gum and cigarettes give this look book some raw motifs that have us drooling.

 With it's stunning lace pieces, pearl buttons and short dresses this collection has made it onto our 'must have' list for summer 2014.

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