Today’s Monday Muse is Ivania Carpio, a well-known DIY diva, a fashion go-to-girl in the Netherlands and lifestyle blogger for Love Aesthetics. Not only does she design the most amazing original items but she also shares easy to follow instructions for her designs on her blog so that anyone can follow and create them successfully. We enjoy observing Ivania’s clean and minimal aesthetic in which she reuses colours like white, grey, silver and transparent hardware to reproduce a light and fresh style. She designs her lifestyle around this aesthetic creating coherent and smooth transitions between every aspect of her life. Her style is clear and concise and for this reason she can make the most simplistic items look extremely desirable.


 Now for a minute, forget the fashion rules that say; no white past Labour Day, black is slimming and don’t wear something twice and take a good look at the Love Aesthetics' blogger. Ivania breaks all of these rules and looks stunning doing it!

 First of all lets get over the Labour Day rule. There is no reason for you not to where all white, it is a stunning combination and really gives a fresh uplifting look on a dreary and cold day. All we would suggest is to keep an umbrella and tide-to-go handy, that’s all.

 For the second rule, black is always slimming, well that may be true but we’ve noticed with Ivania’s use of whites, grey’s and transparent items she always looks as light as a feather. She does use black and dark grey however to affectively pull of a contrasting crisp look. This is a great way to use your coat or jacket as a complimentary piece for your outfit.

 Last but not least the rules on how you should use and re-use your garments. Don’t be hesitant to wear your favourite pieces over and over again; it’s better for the environment and your wallet will thank you for it. Just have fun switching up outfit combinations or maybe do a DIY project to freshen up one of your old garments into something new.







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-edited by Marjory-