The Little White Dress


Though I'm a firm believer that we all need a little black dress (or two) in our wardrobes, I'm really all about the little white dress. We all have a couple of styles that we can't stop buying, and along with printed tees, the little white dress would definitely be one of mine, as well as a staple on the racks at Bicyclette. I've even been known to curate a small collection of all my favourite styles on display in my room (which, now that I admit it, might be verging on obsessive...) and season after season, my love has never wavered. It's something about the implication of summer, free-spirited bohemian inspirations and the endless styling options that has me hooked, and now that the season of little white dresses is upon us once again, they're all I want to wear. The style tends to feature lace and crochet detailing, are often sheer (layering potential!), and ranging in lengths from flirty minis to flowing maxi dresses, it's possible to dress them up or down depending on the occasion and your mood. One of our all-time favourite combinations has always been a white lace dress with a leather jacket, perfectly balancing that mix of feminine with an edge, and giving a delicate, pretty style an air of mystery and a hint of rock n' roll. So very Bicyclette.

With a few new styles arriving in the next week or so, and a few beauties in the shop already, Ana and I have decided to style a shoot showcasing some of our favourite pieces, and how to wear them for different events and occasions. As is usually the case when we tackle any new creative project, I've started by pulling a little bit of styling inspiration featuring the little white dress to get us started.

littlewhitedress1 littlewhitedress2 littlewhitedress3 littlewhitedress4 littlewhitedress5 littlewhitedress6 littlewhitedress7 littlewhitedress8 littlewhitedress9 littlewhitedress10