Let's Go to the Ex

cne4 There are a number of things that happen around this time of year that signify the end of summer and a shift of seasons, but for me, nothing sparks that feeling like a trip to the CNE.

It's funny, I didn't grown up visiting the Ex, and the first time I went was only three years ago, but since then, it's become a tradition, and after shooting a lookbook there a couple of years ago, it's filled with nostalgia already. There's a certain energy in the air on the fairgrounds, with all the lights and sounds, the people watching and the excitement. I'm usually not one for big crowds if I can avoid it, but there's something in the air at the CNE that is addictive. Maybe it's all the sugar.

And so this year was no different, with Jason and I setting aside Friday night for a much-anticipated date night to the CNE. Following a hectic few weeks, we were both looking forward to the evening, ready to indulge in food you really only want to eat once a year and rides that make you wonder if they should really be trusted. But hey, it's all part of the fun, right? I was intent on having Jason win me a unicorn as a sign of his undying affection (and yes, size does matter in this case), and with the colourful backdrop and the soft evening light, we had brought along the camera with an intention to capture the experience.

After doing a quick walk-around and taking it all in, we decided it was time to find something to eat and set out to find an ATM. The only problem was, all the machines in the food building were out of service. So we expanded our search and started weaving through the fairgrounds in search of a machine that was still working. Nothing. We probably checked 15 machines in total and at each one we were met with a similar fate as the feelings of frustration and disappointed mounted.

So this year, instead of leaving the CNE on a sugar high, we left feeling let down. No rides, no unicorns, no food, just a few photos that captured the "before" of our experience. I guess now we'll have to wait until next year for the rest of our end-of-summer CNE traditions to be filled.