Lately Inspired By // Pink Velvet

If you've been poking around the blog recently or spent any amount of time on my Instagram or Pinterest accounts, you've probably noticed a certain colour and texture combo popping up a fair bit — pink velvet. And so while this may come off as a bit of a "well, duh..." moment, I felt that it was time to pay my proper respects to this feminine combination.

Before I dive in, it's important to note a few things.

First, that I've also included some suede samples in this little roundup, because it just kind of went hand-in-hand and felt aligned with this textural love affair. So I've chosen to not discriminate the specific fabrication in this case. Velvet, suede, I'll take them all, as long as they're soft to the touch and create that magical shimmering effect that's so pleasing to the eye.  

Second, the specific shade of pink is of particular importance here. We're talking muted, dusty or even a little bit on the peachy side, and though there's definitely a faded quality here, we're staying away from candy-coloured pastels, which I think is aligned my the overall style shift I've been experiencing recently.  

So what is it about these pink velvet beauties that have captured my eye? There's a refined femininity, a hint of nostalgia and an elegant comfort here that has me enchanted. Mix it with a few gold details, layer it with some contrasting textures (may I suggest a shimmery silk, delicate lace, or whimsical knit?) and add in a pale blue-grey, rich navy or olive green, and you've got the makings of an oh-so-pretty outfit, interior, or tablescape, in my opinion.

And now — I'll leave you to the eye candy!