Kate Hudson has always been one of our favourite style icons, and whenever we are in need of a little bohemian inspiration we look towards her as Penny Lane in 'Almost Famous'. It's the hair, the soft skin, the cigarettes, big fur coats, the whole package that has this role on our top favourites list. Every Bicyclette girl has a lust for all things bohemian and Kate Hudson exemplifies the perfect bohemian wardrobe throughout this movie.

Hudson wanted to play this role as soon as she read the script and recalls "I loved her fire and strength. I loved the fact that she was vulnerable yet so masked and a little lost." That's also why we love her. Her performance is so raw and vulnerable and real, drawing her audiences closer to her throughout the film. We can't imagine any other actress pulling off this role as effortlessly as she did. Her free spirit and roadie lifestyle reminds us of how it feels to be at a music festival; wild and free. This year we went to Osheaga in Montreal to indulge in that lifestyle and we wore flowers in our hair and our best bohemian ensembles all weekend long.

One of our favourite vintage stores in LA that we always visit is 'Tavin' in Echo Park and every time we do we think of Kate's wardrobe full of bright embroidery and white lace. The costume designer for this film must have had an amazing time styling with these perfect vintage pieces. We often save our favourite beauty looks on Pinterest, but Kate's fresh face in this film has to be one of our favourites, especially during the summer. Wild beach hair, light blush and a bit of mascara and we're good to go! Do you have a movie character that you turn to for inspiration?










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