Jewellery for Nova Rose

It only seemed fitting that my first blog post in, oh… four months?… would be in celebration of the reason why I’ve been gone — my daughter, Nova Rose. On October 6th we welcomed this tiny human into our lives knowing things would never be the same again. Two months later, and here I am, finding myself in awe daily that I finally get to call myself a mother and navigate life with this little girl by my side.

Though I feel like I have months of catchup to play (because, well, I do), and there are so many topics surrounding motherhood and this new journey that I’m navigating that I’d like to explore, I wanted to start by giving a little backstory to Nova’s name, which holds special meaning to us and fits her oh-so-perfectly.

We had a shortlist of names picked out in the early days of finding out we were expecting, narrowing it down pretty quickly between the two of us. But as soon as we came across the name Nova, we knew it was the one.

Jason and I have always had a bit of a celestial theme in our relationship, from the constellation tattoos we share, to our frequent “love you to the moon and back” promises. Our wedding included nods to magical nights and twinkling stars, and so without knowing we were looking for a name that would follow suit, Nova hit the mark right on, with it’s allusion to the brilliant, exploding supernova star. We had wanted a name that was different but not too odd, something simple and beautiful that would stand out, just as we know she will. And we found that in the name Nova.

For her middle name, I wanted something that would serve as a tribute to my grandparents who are no longer with us, and so Rose came from my early childhood memories of time spent at their house, where the gardens were filled with rose bushes and my love of flowers stems from. It felt like the perfect match to her first name, complementing but not overpowering.

A Wearable Ode to Nova Rose

Since we decided on Nova Rose pretty early on, I found myself drawn to anything that tied in to either name, which quickly manifested into a curated selection of tiny, wearable trinkets. I’ve always been partial to delicate layered jewellery, so when given an excuse to start wearing with such a special purpose? I’ll take it.

The roses came first.

I envisioned a gold rose stem that I must have seen at some point, and after spending way too long hunting for one online, came across this inexpensive little beauty that I’ve been wearing for months now. The second rose necklace, a small etched gold coin, came from Wolf Circus, a Canadian brand I’ve loved for years but had yet to purchase a piece from. When I saw the rose coin, I knew I had found the one.

So I’ve been wearing those two layered since early in my pregnancy, and they’ve served as a special tie to my daughter throughout. A visual, touchable reminder of this newfound love.



As naturally as I found my rose necklaces, I didn’t have anything in mind when it came to representing Nova in jewellery form. That is, until I received a message from the bluboho team (on my birthday, no less), congratulating me on Nova’s arrival and mentioning their Nova collection. A quick hop over to their website later, and I was instantly in love. Not only with the collection itself, which features a tiny, solo diamond suspended in gold, but with the description of the pieces on their site, and how they so eloquently described the essence of what Nova means to me, what I hadn’t yet been able to capture in words — 

We created these earrings for those bound for greatness. A supernova is triggered when the trapped energy in a star ignites and bursts into light. With a luminosity one billion times that of the sun, supernovas represent all that is possible when we ignite the true potential of the soul and burn our very brightest. Shine on.

How perfect is that? It lives saved on my phone now, and I wear the twinkling Nova earrings every day thanks to bluboho, just subtle enough to go with absolutely everything, and the perfect little reminder of what she means to me. And for the next addition to my collection, I have my eyes on the matching necklace (surprise, surprise), as well as the Little Crescent Necklace, which represents new beginnings and also feels perfectly fitting for this new chapter.