Iced Coffee with Floral Ice Cubes

floralicecubes2 Summer is the perfect time to experiment with classic cold drinks, and nothing is more classic than a refreshing cold brew coffee. We’ve been loving the iced coffee trend this summer, especially the beautifully designed bottles some of our favourite local coffee shops have been coming out with, but as per usual we wanted to put our own pretty spin on the idea.

Enter floral ice cubes, an obsession we've had for ages but hadn’t yet had the chance to try. We reached out to Floralora, a local Ontario grower and florist who specializes in edible blooms, and she delivered us an incredibly fragrant bunch of seasonal flowers to experiment with. All we had to do was place them in the ice cube tray, carefully add water, and freeze for a few hours. The results? Frozen blocks of fresh flowers that melt to release pink petals and a subtle rosy flavour to any beverage you choose!

In the end, we decided these frozen works of art would pair perfectly with a souped-up iced coffee concoction. Using coconut milk, a simple vanilla syrup recipe we created ourselves, and a hint of lavender water (a kitchen essential, we assure you), we dreamt up a creamy dreamy floral ice coffee that's perfectly suited for sunny patio mornings and hazy summer nights.


Recipe //

A bottle of cold brewed coffee 1 coconut milk (almond milk or another option would also work) 4 tablespoons vanilla syrup (or to taste- recipe coming soon!) A drop or two of lavender water Floral ice cubes

Directions //

Pour the iced coffee into two glasses (each one about half full). Add coconut milk to each glass until they're almost full Stir in vanilla syrup (to taste) and a drop or two of lavender water. Finish with colourful floral ice cubes, and serve immediately!

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