Greenhouse Juice Co Cleanse // Day Two & Three

greenhousejuiceco_cleanseday2 So I've officially finished my juice cleanse from Greenhouse Juice Co., success! I feel energized and refreshed, and though I'm excited about eating real food again, it wasn't a particularly painful process (I went into it expecting the worst - you never know!), and instead I can honestly say that it was a great experience and I'm definitely finishing on a high note.

Surprisingly, I wouldn’t say that I ever felt particularly hungry. With six large bottles of juice, plus the shots and all the water and herbal tea I was consuming, you always have something on the go, or at least that was my strategy. I did find myself craving a real meal after Barre class or running, but again, I think that’s more rooted in habit, and the fact that everyone around me was eating normally, so it was hard not to be tempted. I went to bed fairly early each night, finding that I crashed pretty hard and slept extremely well.

I woke up each morning looking forward to my juice delivery and ready to start the day. I noticed I had a very slight, dull headache on day two, and though I’m not sure exactly what it was from, I’d hazard a guess that it could be caffeine withdrawal. Again, I’ve definitely lessened my caffeine intake recently, but this might be a sign that I need to take that one step further. Day three the headache wasn't nearly as bad, disappearing completely by midday.

I think the key now is to be mindful of my eating habits as I start eating regularly, and pay particularly close attention to what I'm putting into my body, focusing on clean eating and limiting the amount of sugar, dairy, caffeine and processed foods I'm consuming. And smart snacking. That's one area I know there's room for improvement in, so I'm going to focus on upping my healthy snack game.

Though I'm sure the cleanse experience is different for everyone, I wanted to share a few little tips that I picked up throughout the juice cleanse:

1 // Stay away from temptation. If you’re like me, you follow a lot of social media accounts that post delicious food on a fairly regular basis. Make it easier for yourself and avoid Pinterest, instagram and anywhere else that remind you of what you’re missing. Same goes for keeping snacks in plain sight. It's true what they say - out of sight, out of mind.

2 // Yes, you have to pee a lot. It was definitely nice to be working from home in this case.

3 // Timing is key. Don’t rush to drink the next juice, plan and space them out throughout the day, so you never feel like you’re obsessing about when you can have another one.

4 // Use the almond milk as you’re snack throughout the day. The almond milk was so delicious, and on the list it mentions that you’re supposed to “sip this throughout the day”. Any time I was craving something to snack on (I did find myself wandering aimlessly to find something in the kitchen a few times), I took a sip of this instead. It’s also a great "dessert” after one of the more intense juices

5 // Stay busy. I mentioned this in my day one post, but I think one of the best pieces of advice is to treat it like a regular day and stay busy. I went to my normal Barre classes and running club, I did little tasks around the house between work sessions, and read before bed.

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