Girl Crush // Misty Fox

Misty Fox is like a mystical unicorn. Once you meet one, you start to believe that unicorns must exist, yet you've never been lucky enough to have seen one before. What contributes to this mysticism, you might ask? Misty possesses a charm, ease and effortless energy that draws you in, and there's a quality we just can't put our finger on, which might be why this former Aussie model and mega babe makeup artist has been called an "it" girl on so many occasions.  Misty definitely holds the title of a Toronto fashion icon and film industry expert, with many great talents that lead to an ever-changing lifestyle and an impressive creative resume. Enter any celebrity-packed or musical event in the city and you are sure to spot this wondrous woman. With celebrity clients, working on some of the biggest film sets in the city, and fashionable mentions in the likes of Flare Magazine and The Coveteur, she cites her greatest accomplishment to date as her beautiful and spirited daughter, who is also a unicorn in her own right.


You have been called it and you have played it, but can you describe what being an "it girl" means to you?

A woman whom is described as an it girl is usually someone who has captivated a large audience of people through just being her. She is something that people want to copy, be, imitate or read about.

Instagram, Twitter, blogs and any form of self broadcasting, through social media, has diluted the pond that It girls are pulled from. To me, it girls are muses and icons, they own their style, usually effortlessly. They can come in all shapes and styles and they usually go down in history. Having said this, I have been called one but I am not referring to myself as one, I am giving my take on it. I don't spend enough time or money on fashion and social media. Which is, these days, the most viable way to get to it girl status.

It is not something that happens organically anymore, it's curated with a collection of carefully filtered photographs, and that’s okay. I'll get around to it someday.

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You have a beautiful, spirited, fiercely unique and confident daughter. What is one lesson you have always instilled in her?

Thank you, the moment I met her I thought three things:

- I can’t believe you came out of my body -Your face is scrunched like an angry goblin - You are absolutely meant to land in my arms

If I had to choose one lesson, (and I teach her things everyday, like, don't eat your snot, underwear is compulsory when leaving the house, take your plate to the sink) One of the things I often remind her of is, we are floating in space, beyond that everything is wondrous, but then again, she is usually the one to teach me that bit.


Can you tell us about your many artistic endeavours and how you became an Aussie living in Canada? What's next for you?

I finished high school and enrolled in fashion design, went to one day of that and enrolled in film/ video production instead. I studied that and went on to study screen writing, short story and writing for children. I came to Canada in 2006. I can say with certainty, the reason I came was not the reason I stayed. I have studied a lot while putting the snooze button on to do bits of modeling along the way. I was an editorial model, so I got to do a lot of cool shoots in different parts of the world. The pay was low, but my agents assured me it was cooler than cool for my book. I once told my agent I could wipe my ass on magazine pages of myself, I needed money to pay my rent.

I had Violet at 24 and thought, shivers! I need to pick a career!... So I enrolled in make up school. I love my job so much, film people are my people and I enjoy being around the magic of making movies and TV. What's next? I'm starting a style blog with Alana Kakia and Caitlin Cronenberg, which I am really excited about.

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You always have an effortless and cool style, what are your go-to looks and some favourite shops in the city?

I think 6 years of modeling (one of them being in London) certainly opened up a world of fashion to me, I always dressed quite quirky as a kid, maybe because my mother used to toss us 50 cents each time the weather got cold or hot and she would take us to an op-shop (Aussie name for thrift store) called Jasmine's. Jasmine used to hover around this large pile of old clothing and we would pull our new wardrobes from that.. I think that's how I learned to have a good eye for vintage and thrift store fashion. I wear whatever I want depending on what mood I am in, except when I am working.. Then I just dress like a pretty English man.

Favourite shops- Chosen Vintage, Penny Arcade, TNT, Mendocino, Rac, Lab consignment, Anthropologie, Gravity Pope, Topshop, Wildfox, Bicyclette.


I love getting my makeup done by you because you understand character and how to translate that for the screen. Is this something that you picked up from working in the film industry? What are your favourite sets to be on when working your makeup magic?

I am on set now and the crew is on a relax while they rig some new lighting. I think being a make up artist for film and TV, requires you to translate a vision and help bring the writer's and director's character to life, you have to be fearless and also have a plan, it is not just about making someone look pretty. They need to be true and compelling. Characters are fun to make up though, because you can transform people and it's quite spectacular to see it all come together and make sense through wardrobe, sets, lighting and acting. It requires a lot of thought and I love to think.


What are 3 things you miss about Australia and 3 things you love about Toronto?

Australia: Easy: My siblings ... All six of them. The beach. The sunshine.

Toronto: My friends. The livability of the city. Healthcare.

Being such a 'fox' seems to come naturally to you and you have definitely built a personal brand in Toronto. What are some of your beauty essentials that keep your look versatile and current?

Ha! Thank you, Its bloody nice to hear this because all the early mornings and never getting a chance to rest properly can really make a person feel more like a rat than a fox.

I am all about sharing tips! I really don't get  lot of time to do extravagant beauty treatments, so they have to be fast and effective, these are the things I manage to do, in the shower and on the go:

- Lots of exfoliation, Clarasonic Mia 2 is the best for keeping skin polished and clear. - A deep cleansing clay mask once a week, like 'Mask of Magnaminty' from Lush. - Moisture with Keihl's 'Midnight Recovery Concentrate Oil' (I know a few make up artists that love this and you can use it in your bath also). - I drink loads of water, eat good fats and keep alcohol and sugar to a minimum.

And for make up?

- A small collection of traffic stopping lip colours, - Mineral powder foundation, - A good gel liner like Make Up Forever 'Aqua Eyes' - A great mascara like Benefit 'Yes They're Real' - For lips - I love Burt's bees tinted lip balms, Clinique chubby sticks, basically anything luscious, dewy and natural looking gets to stay in my make up bag.

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I know you are a lover of all things vintage (and have a pretty kick-ass closet). What decade do you gravitate towards the most and do you have a style icon you love?

Funny you ask this, as I would have been able to answer this a couple of months ago, but as I previously mentioned, I am starting a style blog (we are in the midst of having our website built by the wonderful Thomas Cester at Art and Data) we are showcasing icons/muses throughout the times, I am not sure I have a favourite since we are zooming in and recreating such cool and versatile styles, I can't choose among them.

I love the 70's, I used to love the 60's for it's cute dresses, but that is a summer vibe. These days I like more tailored looks and I love jumpsuits and little shirts and heels, so I would say the 70's... since you are making me choose.


You really have this magical presence whenever you walk into a room. What does magic mean to you?

Thank you, again, this is also nice to hear. My makeup teacher said you always have to take a moment to settle your mind after commuting to work, shake out your hands and take a breath. I think it is important to adjust your energy before you bring it in to a room, it is infectious and you are responsible for it. And while I cannot say I am Mary-freakin-sunshine all the time, I am certainly aware of, and responsible for my energy.

Magic, to me,  means having an open heart and an open mind. Magic is usually felt through happiness and love... I really don't care if I sound cheesy, things like unicorns and rainbows are cheesy. Love and happiness are magic, people play it cool, I know, but they are the two biggest highs of life and I am working on scoring both.


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