Even though we technically didn't celebrate the fourth of July along with our American friends yesterday, this week's 'Girl Crush' and I both share a serious love for Americana style! Laura is one half of the musical duo Twist, along with Brian Borcherdt, and one third of The BB Guns. When we were looking for music to use for our short film, 90 Days, Twist's newly released song 'Where to Lie' instantly came to mind; the dreamy, hazy song about the turmoil of love fit perfectly with the aesthetic and storyline, and we were overjoyed when Laura and Brian agreed to let us use their song. Laura is a talented, warm-hearted and super stylish lady who hails from a musical family; to say music is in her blood is an understatement. As soon as we heard her pretty voice and whimsical but cool music we knew that we wanted to know more about her, and discovered we both share a love for boys on bikes, among other things… find out more in this weeks 'Girl Crush' interview with Laura.


What were some of your musical influences growing up? What was your jam as a kid?

Spice Girls did a Pepsi commercial for a song called 'Move Over'. Besides wanting blue platinum shoes and 2 huge highlights in front of my face, I asked what a sound was, and my mom said it was the electric guitar. So I then wanted to learn how to play. Also, I loved the Spice Girls and wanted to live on a union jack tour bus.



You recently started Twist with Brian Borcherdt, with songs that are perfectly hazy with nods of whimsy and a subtle depth. What inspired its creation and what makes your duality click?

Brian produced my girl band, BB Guns. We enjoyed working together- we share similar views on songwriting, how we want to be recorded, and music in general. He became a sort of mentor to me in my songwriting while working on BB Guns.  Upon finishing recording with BB Guns, I brought new songs I hadn't shown anyone to him. I think he got excited and instead of giving his input- he plugged in a drum machine and guitar and we began to collaborate. The next day we went into the studio and recorded demos. Before we knew it, we formed Twist. It's exciting! It all came together with a refreshing ease and I am happy with the feedback we have been getting.



Where did your name come from and how do you describe your musical vibe? 

Came from listening to The Cramps-Ultra Twist and nobody seemed to like my original idea (my friends drunk idea) as Shit Tinsel. I guess the band went from being an idea to a real thing that needed a proper name. One critic describes us as 'Nancy Sinatra singing over a Ty Segall track'. I liked that a lot.


Your song 'Where to Lie' is featured in Bicyclette's first short film '90 Days'. How was the experience of lending your music to film?

I come from a family where writing specifically for film/tv, or having personal songs featured is their job. So when I was asked, I was excited to show my family that I can write too! I am proud to be a part of '90 Days'. It worked out perfectly.


That's so cool that you get to follow in your family's footsteps, what songs have they written for film/tv? Can you describe your musical upbringing? 

My dad did all the 90s cartoons i grew up on like care bears, beetlejuice, barenstein bears...but he is a talented jazz musician, arranger, composer- check out Tom Szczesniak (polish last name). My sister in law is probably on a commercial right now- Jeen O'Brien. I hear one once a day. I look up to my whole family. We're a bunch of weirdos that make music.


You have such a cool sense of personal style, with a touch of Americana I would say. If you were touring the states, which place would match your fashion vibe best?

I have been getting down with 70s Americana  lately. It's either that, or 60's mods- I think that's where the big hair and chelsea boots come in. If I were touring- it would be New Mexico- Worn in leather boots. Fringe jackets. Big hair. Turquoise anything. Kimonos and capes. I can't forget my wide-brimmed hat when I'm walking in the desert.


I absolutely love that style and love that you rock it sans the desert in Canada. Do you think your style bleeds into your music image? What would your ideal music video look be?

Most definitely. I am heavily influenced by ideals like the American dream- it shows up in my clothing and in turn the things I write about.

Ideal music video would be any excuse for a setting with a retro trailer in a desert with cacti and a babe riding on his motorcycle for some eye candy. Thats more like my ideal life.

You just described my ideal date, I think we are soul sisters, ha! Who would be your musical and fashion girl crush?

Alison Mosshart from The Kills- she mixes being a babe with androgyny- it's a different kind of sexy. I also follow the owner of Spanish Moss on instagram. Her vintage wardrobe just kills me.


What would be your dream 'pinch me' moment for Twist? What's next for you guys?

Things are going unbelievably well. Pinch me now. The next thing is we've been asked to play a show for a label that I LOVE. I can't help but get excited. If anything- it will just be a fun adventure. I like fun and adventures- all the time.


Your music has a magical element to it and we are always talking about magic at Bicyclette. What is magic to you?

If I get goosebumps listening to a song. I feel as though I am having an epiphany and massive inspiration ensues.

What songs are currently giving you goosebumps? What inspires your music?

I listen to music all day. I love to DJ- lots of disco. But John Maus - Hey Moon always gives me goosebumps. And Skeeter Davis- Sunglasses. Brian played that for me- it is a beautiful kitchy song I wish I wrote.