Girl Crush // Lady Hayes


When I think of the multi talented and always ultra stylish Lady Hayes I think of the term #GirlBoss...She’s a mama, musician, wife, designer, stylist and all around creative entrepreneur who is steering her own ship and adorning it with flower crowns. In Lady Hayes’ world magic is not only real it is found every day and she has created such a special world with her talented husband; what a gift to give her daughter. She joins the ranks of many strong and talented females in this ever-inspiring city and we find out more about her magical world in this week’s Girl Crush.

You are one bad-ass, creative entrepreneur getting your hands into various creative realms. What is life like for you these days? Can you give us the low down on your business?

Well, first of all thank you for making me blush. I’m so flattered to be part of this girl crush series.

Life is kinda crazy right now. But a good crazy. I’m so inspired and tired at the same time that I don’t have a chance to second guess anything. Which is a good thing for me because overthinking things tends paralyze me creatively. This year has been the first time in my life that I’ve ever really had to put someone else before me, and I gotta say, its awesome. My lil lady Goldie Valentine and I basically laugh, play and eat all day, and she take a couple naps. These naps and nights are so precious to me because this is when I work. I’ve definitely learned a lot about time management. haha.

Business is exciting! I wanted to launch the brand Lady Hayes with one product at first which is the Flower Crowns. I will be introducing different products over the next year which I’m really looking forward to. Next up….Dream Catchers.


How did the flower crown designing come to life? Why do you think girls are falling in love with this trend?

Last summer Matt and I had a good chat and came to the conclusion that we needed to escape the city to get inspired again. For us, California has always been king. We stayed in this little cottage in Venice with a massive garden. On one of the days he had a shoot booked with a super cute local gal. After I drank a fairly large Michelada I fancied myself a florist and I made a flower crown for the shoot. I’ve been addicted ever since.  Ladies are falling in love with the flower crown trend because of two realities. Firstly, flowers are ridiculously pretty, especially in hair. And secondly, they look good on everyone.


You are married to the always sought after, crazy talent that is Matt Barnes. Is your house always buzzing with ideas and projects? What is the best part about married life?

Both Matt and I have pretty big imaginations and I think after 6 years of marriage we really get each others creative thinking. So….yes, there’s usually a few crazy ideas flying around haha! Married life is great. Matt is the love of my life and inspires me constantly. But marriage is also extremely hard work. Both of us can get pretty carried away with our visions, so it can be challenging to know when to pull each other in, and when to let each other go. Matt and I are each others number one fan, but also each others worst critic. I guess we keep each others egos in check that way. haha.


Valentine’s day is approaching, what is your favourite love story? 

Mine. haha. If you wanna hear it listen to the album ; )

You have a beautiful baby girl with the most beautiful name Goldie Valentine. Can you tell us how has motherhood has changed you? 

Thank you. Goldie Valentine is a riot! I feel super blessed to have such a character like her come into my life. Motherhood has changed everything really. She’s my priority and I’m super happy about that.


As a musician, who are your musical influences and what is your favourite musical experience? 

Hands down Neil Young. More specially his guitar solos. They move me. Musical experiences? Oh man, there are so many good ones. For some funny reason the one that stands out is a singing solo in my grade school choir. I tipped an empty old sack with a dollar sign on it and sang “…but when my cash was gone and spent….” haha. My first time in the lime light singing what was to be my life long dilemma. haha.


I have noticed that Toronto has such a strong community of talented and ambitious women (including yourself). How has this community shaped you?

Awh geeeeez. Thank you. Toronto is a terrific place and is full of so many talented ladies….. and gentlemen. I get so inspired by women who are ambitious with their creative careers. I think after about 10 years of living in the city I’ve built up enough of a network to start feeling part of a strong community of women who want to help each other. Everyone from my midwives, to my best gal pals, to my instagram community. It’s just nice to have good peeps around.


If you could do a styling shoot for anyone, who would it be? What are some of your styling resolutions this year?

Probably Stevie Nicks. She’s got such an amazing bohemian rocker vibe. I got a camera for Christmas this year so I’m pretty excited to start shooting again. I’d really like to style a few cool shoots for myself this year.

You seem to have quite the magical life, what does magic mean to you?

A few puffs of smoke, a little luck and a whole lotta hard work.

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