Girl Crush // Eva Redpath - Nike Master Trainer


Staying on track with fitness goals can sometimes be a challenging feat. We've all signed up for that gym and we have all slowly stopped going, am I right ladies? But if there was ever a woman to keep you excited about fitness and keep you going back to the gym because you get exhilarated at the thought of making your goals a reality, it is Eva Redpath. She is Canada’s first and only Nike Master Trainer, a huge honour and well deserved for a woman who has dedicated her life to helping women find success in the gym. For Eva it's a lifestyle deep rooted in all aspects, and she shares this beautiful life with others, motivating them and creating realistic and lasting results. Being healthy is the most important thing for any individual and having a fitness program in your life should always be at the top of your list. Eva is incredibly accomplished, inspiring and most of all giving. She empowers women and creates a safe and enjoyable space for them to really see results in their lives. We are so thrilled to have her as this week’s Girl Crush, helping us get inspired for our fall fitness goals!

Keep Your Training Fresh

How did you get involved with the Nike Training Club? What has been your personal fitness journey and what does it mean to be a Master Trainer?

Coming from an industry where maintaining a certain body image wasn’t always done in the healthiest ways, it’s been a personal passion and mission of mine to shift those negative habits, create and build a strong support system and network for women.

Empowering women through fitness and building community is truly what Nike Training Club is all about, so this is a brand and a lifestyle that I have always personally connected with. Becoming Canada’s First and Only Nike Master Trainer is a huge honour and a natural fit. Only one year in, my role with Nike has presented me with an amazing opportunity to share my passion for fitness and the positive effect it can have in your life.


You call September the “New New Year”. Can you describe what that means and how to go about making resolutions for staying on track with your fitness goals?

Whether heading back to school or falling back into our ‘regular routines’, this is the time of year when we toast to the end of patio season, close down the cottage, reclaim our social calendars and hopefully, re-commit to healthier eating and regular exercise. Similar to New Year resolutions, Fall gives us a chance to hit ‘refresh’ on our lives.

To be successful, goals should be achievable, measureable, realistic, specific and timely.  On that note, I developed my 5 key tips I often advise my clients, friends and community to follow. Not super complicated, and totally worthwhile!

DO create a plan. Setting a goal is merely the first step. Know where you’re going, what resources you’ll need and what Plan B is when life throws you a curve ball.

DO write it down. The act of writing down your goal can be powerful enough to keep you committed and focused through these last few months of 2014. At the end of each day - rate the day! How did you do today? Sometimes seeing a visual makes it seem more possible and will continue your dedication.

DO be specific. Avoid words such as “some” and “more” as in “I will get some more exercise.” It leaves too much wiggle room to bend the rules. If goals are not measurable, you may not be able to see the improvements.

DO leave room for failure. Don’t expect perfection because really, persistence is key here. Why not accept the fact that you may not achieve your biggest goal on the first try. That’s OK!

DO reward your success. Don’t beat yourself up over failure. This is not the approach to take to succeed with your goals. Why not focus on what you’re doing right instead? When you achieve one of your smaller goals, celebrate it with a reward that won’t knock you off your path. This will only motivate you to keep going!

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What motivates you to train harder, be disciplined, and have fun throughout the process?

Finding a community, like Nike Training Club, or an accountable partner is so important to staying motivated and having fun in the process. Pushing and empowering yourself to achieve your goals in a group setting puts the responsibility on the expert and off yourself, plus it’s a great way to make working out a more social experience so you’re more likely to stick to it.

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What's the best advice a coach or mentor has ever given you is? And what about the best advice you have given to others?

The best advice a mentor has given me is to find a fitness program or coach that you trust to challenge you beyond your limits. You have to be willing to let someone lead you to try new things in order to exceed your perceived potential. Training has impacted my life by unlocked my potential - when faced with challenged for my body it empowered me to challenge my mind

One piece of advice I love to give is around community. It’s so important for women to empower other women. Find one or a group of girlfriends who share similar fitness goals and come together to encourage and coach one another.

Challenge Yourself

Has there been a defining fitness moment in your life, and what do you still want to accomplish in your career?

Besides starting my own womens fitness business, while I lived abroad I ran a race on the Great Wall of China, which challenged me both physically and mentally.  For me the race was something I did to challenge myself , but also represented life and perseverance.

“Life is a marathon, not a short race to the finish line” an up and downhill path towards something greater than ourselves, and we choose every day what we make of it. Not only as an entrepreneur but for everyone I think its important to change your perception towards challenges, and see them as opportunities.

What I still hope to accomplish? Who we are and how we touch others matters. I've dedicated my life and career to being an educator, role model, and a major influence in the field of motivating young women to seize control of their personal development and go after their life goals, using fitness as my vehicle. The message and journey continues, with and even greater platform and reach in new role as Nike Master Trainer.

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What is at least one thing every woman should do right now to become healthier in their lives?

Choose a goal and put pen to paper. The act of writing down your goal can be powerful enough to keep you committed and focused. Ask yourself what you WANT to do, then ask yourself again what you WILL do, be honest with yourself – set goals based in reality and not in an “ideal world”. When forced to contrast an ideal world with the real world, you are more likely to recognize potential conflicts. So instead of being surprised by the competing demands, you can set a realistic plan to achieve your goals that you can actually commit to.

Don’t focus on too many things at once and rather try honing your intentions to one small goal at a time. Break goal into mini challenges to keep you motivated along the way. You are far more likely to succeed with a series of smaller steps that will lead you to your big finale.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with larger goals that require life changes, so try taking it day by day honoring one simple intention per day and celebrate your little successes.


I really believe you can still achieve style while working out. What are your favourite stylish workout pieces and what do you rock when you aren't in the gym?

In the gym I wear pieces that are breathable and designed to move with my body, because you shouldn’t be thinking about fit, you should be thinking about your form while you’re sweating it out. A couple of favourite are the Nike Rival Pro Bra and the new Nike Zoom Fit Agility Women's Training Shoe, which combines the feel of natural motion with ultra-responsive cushioning for flexible impact protection designed specifically for gym workouts.

Outside the gym I’m sportswear all the way, my collection of Nike kicks is quite extensive, from sky hi kicks, to air max, hats, scarves, bag, tech pant and poncho, gym vintage tank, printed wind runner, and leggings - the brighter, busier, bolder the better.

The world of fitness and fashion have collided, Nike does an incredible job at never compromising aesthetic appeal for function, enabling me to express my personal style through activewear. Which is key since its my "uniform!"

We believe that a magical life includes a healthy body, healthy mind and healthy spirit. What does magic mean to you?

Magic for me is the persistence and determination to see any goal – big or small – through to the end. It’s the feeling of empowerment that washes over you when you realize you can do it, and you did.

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