The Get Social Workshop Photobooth

getsocialworkshop_photobooth-16We had such a wonderful time at our Get Social Workshop a few weeks ago, and though it already feels like it was ages ago thanks to our West Coast trip, we're super excited to share these adorable photobooth snaps from the event! Everyone who attended the workshop was so wonderful and inspiring, and the energy from the day definitely shines through in these photos. getsocialworkshop_photobooth-1getsocialworkshop_photobooth-7getsocialworkshop_photobooth-12getsocialworkshop_photobooth-19getsocialworkshop_photobooth-5getsocialworkshop_photobooth-10getsocialworkshop_photobooth-11getsocialworkshop_photobooth-9getsocialworkshop_photobooth-4getsocialworkshop_photobooth-21

Can't wait for our next #getsocialworkshop!

To see all of the photos, click through to our Facebook album!