One. Two summer essentials: fresh flowers (especially now that peonies are in season!), and mini travel essentials in our favourite beauty products.


Two. Jordan de Ruiter dropped off more floral crowns, which we can't seem to keep in stock, and also left us with some new cropped bustiers in a variety of prints. Needless to say, we instantly fell in love with this quirky rodeo style, and can't wait to style it this season.


Three. We shot the final series of photos for our '90 Days' lookbook last night with Scarlet  O'Neill, which brings us one step closer to the release of the short film. Lots of exciting things in the works with this project, so stay tuned!


Four. The week started off with a crafting night at the studio, followed by the installation of our new window display, which puts to use our extensive teacup collection and ties in nicely with the upcoming garden party themed launch party for '90 Days'.


Five. We've had a bit of a love affair with tiny stacking rings for awhile now, and received our first order from Fresh Tangerine this week. The collection includes a variety of gold and silver options with simple bands and tiny hearts, as well as layering bracelets.