For Love & Lemons Skivvies // " Extra Virgin " Collection


We're a little obsessed with everything For Love & Lemons designs (as I think a lot of our customers are as well!), and the SKIVVIES collections is no exception. It was a little bit of a tease at first, after initially hearing that the collection wouldn't be available for us to sell in Canada, but our sales rep worked a little magic and we were able to book the fall collection, much to our delight. Then, at our last buying appointment for the holiday collection (which is absolutely gorgeous, by the way), we found out that there were a few styles from the spring collection that were available for immediate orders, and we absolutely couldn't say no to that.

So until we get our full fall SKIVVIES collection, we have three styles in the shop for you to choose from, as shown below: Little Lolita Bralette, Blooming Bra, and Slinky Bralette. Consider these a little preview of what's to come from the For Love & Lemons SKIVVIES collection for fall!