Flowers In Her Hair

Whether it's fresh flowers for a photo shoot or a floral print on our favourite dress, flowers have always been a pretty important styling element at Bicyclette, and with summer right around the corner, our minds have currently turned to floral crowns. We love the range of styles: from dainty, delicate and barely-there, to bold, colourful and statement-making, with the choices in flower  varieties and colour palettes ultimately defining the vibe of the piece. A simple floral crown in the heat of summer with a lace tank and worn-in denim cutoffs is an easy way to play with the style during the day, especially when an afternoon of lazing in the park is involved. Or opt for a more bold piece for an evening event or patio dinner party, treating it as an alternative to statement jewellery and pairing it with a printed maxi dress.

We've pulled some inspiration on how to wear them, and if you're interested in making a crown of your own, we may just be able to help you out in that department as well. Without giving too much away, all we can say is that Becky from Blush & Bloom is the queen of the floral crown, and we're just about due for another DIY floral workshop with her... stay tuned!

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