Emily Faulstich and Oh My Love Collaboration

feature I've been girl crushing on Emily Faulstich since her days at Wildfox (she's one of the cofounders), and have followed her photography blog, Hawaiian Coconut, as a source of inspiration ever since. Emily is one of those talented, creative individuals who has an impeccable eye and aesthetic that applies no matter what medium she's using - photography, design, illustration - and I love following her travels and the pretty little moments she captures and shares. So yes, a pretty obvious girl crush.

Along with her dreamy photography, Emily does these little doodles that I just can't get enough of, and she's partnered with London label Oh My Love to design a print that features tiny doodles of things she loves. With donuts, lipstick, ice cream, roses, disco balls and palm trees, the collection includes four pieces that feature the custom print. Says Emily, "They're inspired by 80's fashion, junk food, tropical islands, and little creatures. The illustration for Oh My Love is basically what my brain looks like on paper."

The lookbook for the collection follows suit with the styling, and since Emily shot it as well (did I mention she's talented?), it features her signature style with lots of pink accents and fun, feminine details. I'd like my summer to look a little something like this, s'il vous plait!

2via Teen Vogue