DIY Washi Tape Holders


We're all for tackling DIY projects that are challenging and require us to learn a new skill, but sometimes it's nice to come across one that is simple and utilizes items we already have around the house, which is why this little project caught our eye, since all you need is washi tape and tin cans.

My washi tape collection is a little out of control, boasting a rainbow of colours and patterns, and to be completely honest, aside from taping pictures to studio inspiration wall or using it to colour code and organize my agenda, it doesn't serve much purpose. As for the tin cans, since the temperature has dropped, two of my go-to quick lunch fixes are either a version of these Fiesta Rice Bowls (which require refried beans) or Amy's Soup with a side of avocado toast, so there's an abundance of tin cans kicking around as well.


This DIY is so simple it doesn't even really require instructions. Remove the labels from the cans (I used a bit of WD40 to get the sticky remnants off as well) and make sure they're well washed. Then go to town with the washi tape! I chose to make a set of three holders, using four different styles of tape in shades of pink and graphic black and white prints, knowing that this colour scheme would suit the studio well and juxtapose with the gunmetal effect of the cans well. Wrap the tape around the can, playing around with placement, et voila! I'm pretty into the industrial edge the tin cans add, and am thinking that using glitter tape for the holidays would also be the perfect way to add a little more sparkle.

It's really up to you how you want to use the holders, but I decided that they'd be perfect as vases or pen holders, and they look great when they're styled together as a set. I can also picture them being great as mini planters in the kitchen for cacti, succulents or herbs, or using them in a cluster on a table as centrepieces, even playing around with various sizes of cans.