DIY Metallic Candles with Flash Tattoos

DIY_flashtat_candles11 I've had a pack of Flash Tattoos hanging around the studio since the summer, and though we bought them for one particular project that didn't end up happening, I think I might have found an even better use for them. I've been trying to get creative and budget-friendly with my gifts this season, choosing to shop locally or make them by hand, and coupled with my recent obsession with candles and my longstanding love for all things metallic, this DIY metallic candle project might just be one of my favourite projects yet.

Basically all you need is a pack of Flash Tattoos (they sell different styles and they all come with multiple sheets of various designs), and a selection of candles, depending on what styles and colours you want. I opted for a mix of white and pink candles in various sizes, as I wanted to be able to create a nice tablescape for the holidays with them. Follow the directions for the tattoos, cutting out the designs you want to use and placing them facedown on the candle in your desired pattern. Using a wet cloth, press down on the tattoo for 30 seconds, et voila! Your very own DIY metallic candles!

Now that I've tested them out, I'm planning on trying out some of the fun Hartland Brooklyn temporary tattoos we have at the shop (hello, sweet treat candles!), and maybe some Tattly options as well.

DIY_flashtat_candles1DIY_flashtat_candles2 DIY_flashtat_candles3 DIY_flashtat_candles4 DIY_flashtat_candles5 DIY_flashtat_candles6 DIY_flashtat_candles9DIY_flashtat_candles12

Photos: Paige