diy Halloween Costumes

DIY halloween costume 1

With Halloween fast approaching, we decided to get creative and pull together some DIY costume ideas with pieces from the shop. We've always been fans of  Halloween (give us any excuse to dress up and we're happy!), but we prefer to get creative with our costumes and focus on using items that we'll be able to wear again. So with that in mind, we had a little fun and styled four simple and stylish options.

The tulle skirt is such a great piece for a number of different costumes, and with the arrival of the WILDFOX Ballerina Baggy Beach Jumper, this costume seemed like an obvious choice, especially with our love for ballerinas. Add a top bun, a delicate tiara, and you're all set.

DIY halloween costume 2

Floral crowns and statement earrings are already staples in our wardrobes, and the new STONE COLD FOX Bonita Dress has a vibe that would perfectly suit Frida Kahlo, a past Monday Muse of ours. DIY halloween costume 3

We're pretty sure these pearl cat ears are the cutest thing ever, so this was a simple pairing. We went with all white, but you could play with other tones for our pretty kitty costume, just make sure to add a little fur, like our BARDOT Foxy Vest. Pull out the eyeliner and give yourself some whiskers to complete the look.DIY halloween costume 4

This costume was more about having fun with the prints and colours that we currently have at the shop, like the new WILDFOX Dreaming of Cake Baggy Beach Jumper and FINDERS KEEPERS Wildfire Skirt. And with a studio stocked props like this giant ice cream cone and a bright blue wig, it wasn't hard to pull something together.