DIY Floral Heart

valentinesday_floralheart_12 Though I definitely don't need Valentine's Day as an excuse to fill my apartment with fresh flowers, one thing I have been trying to do is to incorporate flowers into my decor in different ways. Instead of one large vase in the centre of the table, I'll fill a variety of smaller bottles with buds and scatter them around, for example. Or what about forgoing the vase altogether? That's exactly what we did, thinking outside the confines of a vase and instead turning to our favourite seasonal shape to create this DIY floral heart. Perfect for accessorizing your gallery wall, hanging above your bed or gifting to a friend, the lovely thing about this project is that the flowers will look just as nice dried as they do fresh.

valentinesday_floralheart_21 copy

What You'll Need // 

Selection of flowers and greenery Cardboard Paper for heart template (we used wrapping paper) Floral wire Scissors (or exacto knife) Pencil or marker Stapler Small pliers


1 // Start by trimming down all of the flowers so they have about a 2 inch stalk, and the greenery into pieces that are 4-6 inches long.valentinesday_floralheart_5

2 // Trace out your heart on the cardboard. We drew ours on wrapping paper first so we could draw one half and then fold it in half to trace the other, ensuring it was symmetrical on both sides.


3 // Cut out your cardboard heart.

valentinesday_floralheart_3 4 // Trace the inside of your heart out as well, and cut it using an exacto knife. We opted for a fairly slim shape, but you do want to be careful that the cardboard won't buckle under the weight of the flowers.


5 // Cut 2 inch pieces of the floral wire, using it to attach 2-3 pieces of greenery together.


6 // Starting at the bottom of the heart, place the greenery bundles along the cardboard, following the shape of the heart. Secure the pieces using the stapler.


7 // Using 4 inch pieces of floral wire, create small bundles of flowers and greenery by wrapping the wire around the stalks tightly.

valentinesday_floralheart_15valentinesday_floralheart_16valentinesday_floralheart_198 // Using floral wire, attach the flower bundles to the heart by wrapping the wire around the cardboard. By alternating the direction of the bundles, it's easier to cover the wire and make sure there are no gaps.

9 // Once you've attached flowers wherever you want them, add more greenery to fill in any areas where the cardboard shows through.