Curating the Perfect Bedroom Retreat

I'm not sure if it's the new house, or the fact that I'm officially in nesting mode now, but lately, I've been all about decor. We're talking multiple Pinterest boards, long wish lists, and a near-obsession with all things home-related.

In a perfect world, two months after moving into the new place we’d have everything unpacked and feel fully settled in, but let’s be honest — perfect’s no fun, and it’s far from my current reality. There are budgets that need to be followed, an ongoing hunt for pieces that are just right, and endless decisions to be made. So instead of feeling frustrated by constraints or timelines that are longer than I may want, I’m considering this to be a challenge to enjoy the process and really focus on the process of curating and designing a home that is perfect for us and where we’re at right now.

Though I constantly have me eye out for pieces that may work in any room, I’ve decided that this time around, I’m going to try to focus on one room at a time, which I think will actually help me to feel like I’m accomplishing something instead of fluttering from room to room and feeling overwhelmed and scattered.

So first up — our bedroom.

The primary reason I chose this room to focus on first is that frankly, I’m spending a lot more time in there since being pregnant. I have a tendency to go to bed much earlier than I ever used to, so I’m relishing in this while I can and learning to really indulge myself when it comes to a bedtime routine. Not only do I want to create a calming, sleep-conducive space, but I also want the room to be one that I enjoy spending time in. A bit of a sanctuary, if you will.

When we moved in, we made the decision to upgrade from a queen bed to a king-sized Casper mattress, which I’ll share more on soon (spoiler alert — total game changer), and so that not only started the process off, but it also meant we lost a little more space in an already small room. No regrets on that decision whatsoever, but it does mean that each and every piece we bring into the bedroom has to be very intentional and serve a purpose.

After setting my sights on a DIY headboard project that we just completed last weekend, I’m currently in the midst of making the final decisions on the rest of the furniture for the room and pulling together all the rest of the details.

So I figured this would be the perfect time to share some peeks at the spaces that are currently inspiring our little bedroom redesign project. 

A focus on natural textures, touches of warm wood and soft tones (I'm really loving pale sage green right now), with simple lines. 

Minimal furniture (since we can't fit much!), but with character added through curated vignettes and little details.

And art! I'm admittedly horrible and getting things framed and up on the walls, so I'm vowing to change that this time around as well, so that's been a whole new category to explore.


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