This week’s Monday Muse has a recognizable face. Whether she’s making funny faces at the paparazzi or a smoldering visage on the runway, Cara Delevingne has unique beauty. She switches from a boyish, fearless style to a sleek supermodel in minutes and proves that great style‘s can come from a range of wardrobes. She can be found as the face of Burberry and Mulberry, or featured with big brands like H&M, Chanel and DKNY. She has also graced the covers of many magazines, everybody wants a little piece of Cara! Why, you ask? Maybe it’s her relaxed style and appeal or maybe it’s the fun funky energy she brings to everything she does. One thing is for sure, Cara, is a free spirit.

 Her thick bushy eyebrows set’s her apart from other models and are recognizable in any fashion shot. Her natural aura inspires us to love who we are and wear what we want! Cara has a cheeky, spunky aesthetic that is displayed through her clever t-shirt sayings like ‘last clean t-shirt’ or ‘WTF, where’s the food.’ Her fun approach really makes her an aspiring ‘it’ girl. She looks great in everything whether it's glamourously styled or thrown together at the last minute and she reveals that she has fun doing it. Cara convinces us that a smile or a funny face really is the best accessory!

 Cara really can go from a cute ‘just woke up look’ to a ‘helloooo I’m a model’ with only the quick application of some bright glam lipstick. Try some NYX Matte Lipstick - Angel to replicate that instant model glow. You can also find key items in her wardrobe like the Free People Olive Jacquard Pant and the White Vegan Leather Vest that are good staple pieces to mix and match with or dress up and down. Cara’s fearless and fresh look makes her this week's Monday Muse. She proves that fashion is fun, so go ahead and be fearless with it!!







- edited by Marjory -