California Coast Roadtrip


There were so many magical moments during our trip to the west coast, but I'm not sure anything quite matches the overwhelming natural beauty of our road trip down the coast.

As we sped down the winding roads in our little rental car, we rolled the windows down, turned the music up loud, and just stared in awe. The air was scented with salt water and Redwood tree bark, and at times the waves became so massive that they crashed over the road, and cars had to wait to continue on their journey for fear of being swept away.

It was truly humbling to witness such power, such steep cliffs and roaring surf. There was a certain energy in the air that I can only describe as magic, and every time we pulled over to peer over the steep cliffs or splash in the waves we only became more enchanted. From Monterey, to the delicious Big Sur Bakery, all the way down to our stop at the Madonna Inn, it was truly a road trip that will sparkle in our memories for years to come.

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