We'll be the first to admit that we're surrounded by extremely talented and creative individuals, and we feel so lucky to have the opportunity to collaborate and work with a number of lovely local ladies, especially after seeing this bohemian engagement shoot. It's really neat to follow along on other projects that everyone's working on as well, and this shoot, featured on The Wedding Co., was dreamt up and shot by none other than photographer Scarlet O'Neill (a past 'Girl Crush' of ours), and also had Ashley Readings doing hair and makeup and Becky (another 'Girl Crush'!) from Blush & Bloom providing the stunning florals.

We draw a lot of inspiration from the bridal industry, and especially recently having worked with a lot of people who are involved in this world in some way, have been blown away by the creativity and details that goes into engagement shoots, weddings themselves, and everything in between. It is such a unique opportunity to showcase the couples personal style and share their intimate story, and to be able to get a glimpse into that is something truly special.

This gorgeous bohemian shoot really drew us in, especially having posted about Kate Hudson's Penny Lane in 'Almost Famous' earlier this week, and really finding ourselves enamored by the 70s, free-spirited vibe right now. And the attention to detail was so well executed, with the styling and props (umm, can we please have a VW van in our next shoot!?) helping to tell the story and provide a glimpse into the lives of these love birds. And you know little white dresses and floral crowns are weaknesses of ours. It also reminds us of our April 2012 lookbook, when we headed to the beach and danced in the sand.









[Photography: Scarlet O’Neill // Hair and Make-up: Ashley Readings // Flowers: Blush and Bloom // Stylist: Ashley Lindzon Events]