Black and White Decor Inspiration

Whether it's an outfit, a design project or an interior space, I love starting with a clean and simple palette of black and white. It's the perfect base, allowing you to play more with texture, shape and placement before you focus on the rest of the colour palette bring in the rest of the elements. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for dreamy details and pops of colour (I think we're all well acquainted with my love for the colour pink), but I think it's when you juxtapose them against a classic combination of black and white that they really stand out and you can get creative.

So though these examples of black and white decor inspiration may be a little minimalistic when it comes to colour for my personal taste, I think they're the perfect place to pull a little inspiration from, and when you start to pay attention to where you can add in your own touches - a touch of metallic here, a burst of colour there - that's when it really starts to get interesting.

Images via Pinterest