Bicyclette Boutique Final Closing Date

finaldate We've had a lot of people asking when Bicyclette will be closing it's doors for the final time, and we've finally come to the decision that Monday, February 2nd will be our last day open.

With that in mind, we've increased our in-store sale to 60% off regular priced items and 40% off all marked down items. Though our racks are pretty picked through, there are still some amazing treasures to be found, and we'd love to see you in our final weeks, so please come visit!

And don't worry - you'll still be able to find us online, right here. There will be some exciting changes over the next little while as we transition the Bicyclette brand into a new chapter, but we'll continue blogging and posting, so don't be a stranger.

One last note -  as mentioned before, if you have a Bicyclette credit note or gift card still, please come visit us before we close. After February 2nd, we won't be able to honour these anymore.

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