August Styled Stock Illustrations

As you may have noticed in the blog post title, this month's photo pack is a little bit different than usual. I've partnered up with one of my good friends and extremely talented illustrator and designer Alex Perlin to create this month's pack of images, a suite of her custom illustrations, designed exclusively for our collaboration. 

Seeing as we're now in our final month of summer (how did that happen?!), we wanted it to capture that and opted for a bright palette and a bit of a summer cocktail theme. If our patio days are numbered, you can bet we'll be enjoying every last moment! There are a couple cocktail patterns, a tropical flower and a few simple watercolour washes, leaving you with endless options as to how you can use the illustrations, whether you choose to post to social media, use them as background images or wallpapers, or layer them behind text to create dynamic graphics.

As always, I'd love to hear what you think, if you'd like to see more illustrated stock packs in the future or if there's certain types of content you're hoping for. Leave a comment, send me an email, or find me on social media and let me know.  

You can also find Alex and I on Instagram at @studiobicyclette and @alexperlin, so let us know which illustration is your favourite and tag #alexperlinXbicyclette so that we can see how you're using them.

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