Amongst the Leaves


Though I think it's fair to say we're all still mourning the end of summer a little (how is it almost November already?!), there's also a certain magic about fall that we can't deny. The changing colours of the leaves, the crisp morning air, countless cups of tea, and the need for a few extra layers are all things we're embracing as we watch the temperatures drop.

Last Saturday I set out to explore an area of the city that isn't as familiar to me, the U of T campus, intent on hunting down some pretty fall backdrops and getting out of our little Queen West bubble a bit. With all the new items we received last week, I had my eye on a few pieces in particular, and for this little excursion I opted for an all black and white ensemble, playing around with prints and textures and taking advantage of the opportunity to try my hand at a little print mixing.

This ivory faux fur vest is probably one of the items I'm most excited about adding to my closet this season, with it's subtle embellishment around the neckline and it's ability to not only make any outfit instantly more cozy, but also add a certain element of chic femininity. I've already worn it layered over a hot pink blazer and t-shirt combo as well as a simple ivory sweater with leather leggings, and as the days get colder and the holiday season is just around the corner, I know that's only the beginning.

UofT_1 UofT_2 UofT_3 UofT_4UofT_7 UofT_8 UofT_9 UofT_10Photos by Jason Matos