All Pink Everything

ThinkPink_13 No one can argue that pink is the happiest colour, and these days, Alyssa and I just can‘t get enough! We wanted to turn our rose-coloured daydreams into a magical world we could touch and feel, and what better way than an all pink everything photoshoot? We gathered some of our favourite pink props and wardrobe pieces, and got to work building our dreamed up world. Complete with organic, cotton candy spun on-site by Fancy Pufs, everything came together in the most perfectly pinkway.

Now if only we could live in these photos forever!

ThinkPink_5ThinkPink_8 ThinkPink_6 ThinkPink_11ThinkPink_14 ThinkPink_15 ThinkPink_20 ThinkPink_25 ThinkPink_32 ThinkPink_35 ThinkPink_38ThinkPink_7

Styling and direction by Paige Boersma and Alyssa Garrison
Photography by Jason Matos
Cotton candy provided by Fancy Pufs
Models: Meghan Young, Michelle Digirolomo, Zoe Badley, Johanna Martin