All About Winter Accessories


This weekend is our second flash sale - all jewellery and accessories are buy one, get one at 50% off - so we wanted to share a little extra love for our favourite winter accessories with some style inspiration. Once winter hits, I always make an extra effort to incorporate more accessories into my outfits, since I tend to wear a lot more neutrals and sometimes find myself lacking inspiration when getting dressed in the morning. A simple sweater is taken to the next level with a statement necklace or sparkly earrings, I never leave the house without an assortment of tiny stacking rings, hair accessories make a simple hairstyle stand out, and my collection of toques continues to grow.

Once the temperature drops, we often find ourselves dressing out of necessity and practicality rather than paying attention to personal style, so my favourite way to infuse a little personality into my bundled up outdoor outfit is with a fun toque, which we stocked up on at the shop this year in a variety of options. Bright colours, graphic details, sparkly knits, or - my personal favourite this year - a pompom, all guarantee that you'll stand out from the rest.

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