The CNE in Toronto is one of the most exciting times of the year. The whole city floods to the grounds to indulge in some great food and celebrate the end of summer. We have decided this year to capture this magical time for our newest look book shoot. We will be working with one of our favourite photographer muses, Scarlet O'Neill, and talented hair and makeup artist, Ashley Readings, which we are very excited about! We have just started to gather some inspiration for the shoot so wanted to share it with you before we head down next week.

The slight out of focus look is perfect in capturing dreamy summer nights. Faded neons mixed with faded pastels.

cneinspiration15Need we say more? Cotton candy is quintessential to the CNE experience and we will definitely be indulging in a few stick through out  the night.

cneinspiration2We love the playfulness of these ears and want to incorporate this kind of dress up in the styling of the shoot. Part of the charm of a carnival is playing dress up with ridiculous things you get given or win!

cneinspiration3One of the most magical things about the CNE is seeing everyone's 'little kid' come out. Whether it's the rides or the stuffed animals, there is a look on all the faces of nostalgia and enchantment.

cneinspiration4Could we do a shoot with incorporating a few floral crowns? We could- but it just wouldn't be the same. cneinspiration6

It's always more fun with a few besties to join you so we are using three models for this shoot! Also love the Docs in this picture, great contrast between urban edgy and girly carnival.

cneinspiration7Not going to lie, we are extremely excited to hit up some of the food trucks while we are there. We will definitely need a trip to gym when we are done!

cneinspiration8Every Bicyclette Girl knows how to appreciate a good neon sign. For those of you who have been in to Bicyclette we have a 'Fairy Tale' neon sign that captures the shop perfectly. Where better to be awestruck by pretty lights and neon signs than the CNE. We love how neon lights photograph as well, they say so much.

cneinspiration9It's the end of summer but we are soaking in every last drop! Pastel pinks seem very fitting for this shoot.

cneinspiration11The image of the Ferris wheel will be central for this shoot. It's magical, romantic and gorgeous any way you look at it!

cneinspiration13Loving this quirky combo. We will be styling playfully and having lots of bright and bold pops.

cneinspiration14  Ice Cream. The end. 

- edited by emily -