A Love Letter to Photography (Set Against the Sparkling Sea)

Though I've always had a deep appreciation for the power of visuals and their ability to tell stories and evoke emotion (this is essentially what I've built my business on, after all), I'm convinced that between our wedding and honeymoon travels and the resulting galleries of photos from each, my love for a good photo has grown that much more.

As I flip through the albums, starting to heart my favourites and curate our travel photos into a sequence that will capture the trip and help us share it with others or revisit the memories down the road, I'm struck by the power of an image to transport me right back to a specific moment and experience. 

If I close my eyes, I'm able to hear the hypnotic roll of the waves, feel the whisper of the warm breeze and the kiss of the sun on my bare shoulders. As I gaze at how the sunlight was captured gently twinkling on the endless crystal sea, I'm struck by the beauty and magic of the dancing light, as if I'm standing on the shore once again instead of at my computer on a chilly October day. I'm always convinced that I'm happiest when I'm on the water, and as I look back to our photos from our few days in Nice, France, it's obvious that this is true.  

So this is less of a style post and more of a love letter to the power of photography and a reminder to capture the moments, relish in the moments and tell the stories. But of course, breezy outfits that dance in the wind and encourage sun-kissed shoulders don't hurt either!