Styling for a Modern and Refined Beauty Brand // Dr Loretta

I started working with beauty brand Dr Loretta at the end of last summer. I was immediately drawn to the partnership because of the aesthetic of the brand, which is very aligned with that of Studio Bicyclette thanks to the soft pastel palette and clean, minimal branding. They approached me to create a suite of content for their social media channels, and already had a very clear understanding of what the brand was all about and what they wanted, delivered in a beautifully packaged deck that made my job easy. Oftentimes when I’m working with a client this is something I’ll put together for them if they haven’t already gone through the process, but in this case, since it was already developed, I simply took that and the information from our initial calls and proceeded to build out a Visual Directive that would be specific to our series of shoots.

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Celebrating a Love of Food with an Installation at Assembly Chef's Hall

Since shedding my title as boutique owner three years ago, I've gone through various phases of a mild identity crisis as I struggle to determine "what I do", or what my official title is. Though I still don't always have a simple answer to the question, and it likely depends on who's asking and what the circumstances are (or, if I'm being totally honest, what kind of mood I'm in), I have made pretty significant strides since those early days.

Part of that progress has to do with not boxing myself in too tightly, which is how we've ended up here, with the Studio Bicyclette team and I adding "installation artists" to our ever-growing resumé and list of skills. And I'm not mad about it one bit.

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