Lately Inspired By // Peach and Gold

It's usually safe to assume at any given time that I'd count a shade of pink amongst my favourite colours. The question, however, is exactly what shade of pink is my preference du jour. Not that I like to play favourites, exactly, but I tend to go through phases of what I'm inspired by and leaning towards, exploring the ways that colours interact with each other and what some creative applications might be.

It might be because we're finally into summer now, but I've been noticing myself drawn to peachier pinks and golden tones of yellow, a pairing reminiscent of shimmering sunsets,  glasses of chilled rosé and beachy locales. Basically, #summergoals. 

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Lately Inspired By // High Waisted Denim and Feminine Blouses

I think it's probably safe to say that you can get a good sense of my style obsessions via my 'style muse' board before I can actually put it into words what I'm loving at any given time.

Such was the case for my my most recent sartorial love affair — feminine blouses with high waisted (preferably light wash) denim. 

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Lately Inspired By // Cocorrina

For someone who spends so much time on Pinterest (for work, I swear!), it took me awhile to realize that a lot of the graphic inspiration I was pinning and felt drawn to was from one designer — Cocorrina. 

With a focus on hand lettering, beautiful type, textured details and overall layout design, scrolling through her blog is a visual treat, full of stunning designs that mix various elements in interesting ways and look like they could be framed on a wall. And those are just the pieces she creates for her blog, let alone her client and branding work. 

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Love Notes // Vol. 4

01 // The Free People blog is always full of beautiful inspirational photos and creative DIYs, and this floral wedding garland is no exception, and has me wanting to pay a visit to the flower markets. I love when fresh flowers are used in unique ways beyond the traditional bouquet, and this reminds me of the floral heart we did a few months ago and which is still hanging on the studio wall.

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