Iced Beauty Latte

Do you ever stop to think about how everything you put in your body has the potential to help improve your skin?

We do — and it might have to do with our obsession with understanding our skin and how we can improve it, down to each and every choice we make. Or it might be the fact that we love simplicity and the easiest way to improve your skin is to look at what you are putting into your body (or, on the other side of the spectrum, avoiding).

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Top Shelf Beauty Favourites

Since we're still pretty early on in our Beauty School Dropout journey, we thought we'd take this opportunity to start with some of current beauty favourites, product-wise. As we mentioned in our intro to the series, we're planning on covering a number of different topics under the beauty umbrella, but because one of the first things we tend to think of are the products themselves, we figured we'd dive into that first, which also give you a bit of a sense of what our skin journeys have been like and where we're at.

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Beauty School Dropout

Over the past few months, Abby and I have been exploring a new topic and passion project of ours — beauty. And today’s the day we “officially” launch our new series into the world — Beauty School Dropout.

We chose the name Beauty School Dropout because of the slightly badass connotation and this idea that we admittedly don’t really know what we’re talking about — and I think in this case, that works to our advantage. Beauty is such a universal concept and touches us all in some way, but for so many of us, we’re navigating our relationship with beauty on our own terms and figuring it out as we go, learning what works for us, what our interpretation is.

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