9 Ways to Wear the Ban.do Twist Scarf

I’ve been searching for the perfect headband my entire life. I have what is affectionately known within my family as a pin head. Feel free to stare next time we run into each other. Being of such a slight head and my tendency to hair flip, headbands don’t stand a chance.

Enter the Ban.do Twist Scarf. The first week after I picked up the gold lamé stunner, I barely took it off. Fancy dress party? Yup. Brunch with friends? Yup. Doing the laundry? Yup. I’ve since purchased the white with polka dots and I’m probably going to need that new blush one with the tiny gold triangles. As far as I’m concerned the twist scarf was basically made for me; I’m making up for lost headband wearing time.


So enamoured am I that I’ve found more than a few ways to wear it. Check out the gorgeous Ana modelling 9 (NINE!!!!!) different ways to wear the Ban.do Twist Scarf and fall in love with this brilliant band with me.


1 // Keep it cas’ and cute with a bit of hair in front of the band and the bunny ears up!


2 // Brush your hair back with a ton of volume and hide those tales under your hair.


3 // Think Blake Lively in Gossip Girl. A bit of hair in front and a super simple half updo in the back.


4 // Accentuate a pony with a bow. They are gifts to the universe, after all.


5 // Doll up your top knot!


6 // Maintain some volume, but pull your hair into a low pony and wrap the ends around each other in the shape of a rosette.


7 & 8 // These next two are a trip down memory lane. Pulled from a 90’s infomercial some of you may remember a velvet wrapped hair wire tool that allowed you make your own updo’s. By folding your twist scarf in half, you can feed your hair through and roll towards your head and pin in place. If you hold it vertically you’ll get a french twist, and if you hold it horizontally (to the ground), you’ll get a chignon (similar to a sock bun).


9 // Add a bit of bulk and colour to a side braid. Leave it a couple inches longer than your hair and pin under the top layer and braid away.

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