5 Things to Start the New Year

The new year has a way of making things feel fresh and possible. Making resolutions is one way to get yourself organized and start fantasizing about all the amazing things the new year could have in store for you. We wanted to create simple goals to start the new year off with peace and balance, and have created a list of 5 things to accomplish. We would love you to join us and participate in the 5 things (in your own way) and share them with us on the blog and on Instagram! Follow us @shopbicyclette and use #5thingsbicyclette and #girlinspired to see the 5 ways we started the new year off and post your own.

1 // Do Something Different or Differently

I must admit we borrowed this one from the Free People blog but it was such a great idea that we just had to use it! We all have our routines or the go-to things in life. There's nothing wrong with routine and knowing the outcome, its safe and familiar and works for us. But if we do something differently it can open up new and exciting adventures and possibilities we never would have imagined. It can be something very simple and open to your own interpretation.

Paige // "I think it’s important to find a balance between routine and spontaneity, and though there are a lot of small things I’m trying to do differently moving forward, what I’ve been really focusing on is working smarter overall. One thing I love about what I do is that I’m involved in so many different aspects of my business, and no day is ever the same. But that can also lead me to feel overwhelmed and scattered at times, so I’m really trying to find little ways to work more effectively and be more productive, which also allows me to be more inspired and creative when I need to be."

Ana // "For me, waking up early has always been a challenge. I am a night owl and will always prefer the night time. But there is something special about the mornings when you aren't in a rush and you can sip your coffee and clear your mind before you start the day. I want to start an empowering morning ritual to jump start my day!"

Abby // "I have the cliché and ever present problem of procrastination. I find I motivate myself and say I will stay on the ball of school and personal work but it never ends up happening. I want to stay organized and start projects ahead of time, that way I’m not having anxiety attacks a couple of days before. For a start, I’m going to head out and buy a day planner."


2 // Try a New Dish

Creating food by hand is a beautiful way to feel connected to the food you eat and is definitely a more satisfying way to nourish your body. With hectic schedules and limited budgets its sometimes hard to find the time and money to try out a new recipe. But if we set aside one day a week to find a healthy recipe and go to the local market for fresh produce we can start to incorporate cooking in a simple and realistic way. For all you natural chefs out there this is your chance to challenge yourself and create something you have never tried before.

Paige // "Cooking and baking are both enjoyable activities for me, letting me create something in a very different way than I’m used to, and I find it very therapeutic if I'm able to approach it in that way. I chose to bake something this time around, especially after seeing this recipe for Baked Funfetti Donuts. Sprinkle donuts? Sold."

Ana // "I avoid cooking at all costs! It doesn't come naturally to me and quite frankly scares me. I am starting to look at cooking as a way to nourish my body and help me maintain vibrance and health. I decided a vegan soup would be a great way to start my cooking challenge, and I have never made soup before this! You can check out the recipe here."

Abby // "Cooking to me always seems more like a chore than an adventure or a fun thing to do. I come home from school, or work tired and just want to make something easy and quick. This year I want to focus on trying new recipes, eating healthy and making real use of my oven. To start out I’ve always wanted to make my own veggie patties, I'm going to try this delicous looking recipe. 


 3 // Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

This is a great way to move forward and try something you have never tried and maybe always wanted to. Fear can hold us back from a lot of things. I think the important thing to realize is that it's OK to fail, and we should actually relish in the fact that we tried and it didn't work, because we are now even closer to knowing what will work, learning along the way. There is beauty in failure and pain, we find more truths about ourselves and sometimes are more creative and free because of it. This year lets make a lot of mistakes!

Paige // "Instead of choosing something specific here, what I really want to do is make this more of a habit in general. Try new things. Don’t be afraid to feel uncomfortable. Take risks. Say yes to new opportunities. Do something that scares me."

Ana // "As an artist I have always had a problem with promoting my own work. The idea of networking or “schmoozing” always made me uncomfortable. I want to work on being proud of my work and confidently discussing it in a way that is organic."

Abby // "As a dreamer, I dream up all these projects I want to accomplish, but I never end up finishing… or in most cases starting them. I think sometimes its because of a fear of my own failure or again those criticisms from others. I want to get out and do theses projects with a confidence in my own creative skill no matter what the outcome."


4 // Read More Books

Reading a great book can transport you, inspire you, teach you new things and expand your understanding of the universe. For some reading is a part of their lifestyle and for others it almost seems like a lost art. When we find the time and space to read and nourish our minds we can experience a stillness that is so essential and we have the ability of learning great lessons that can transpire into other areas of our lives.

Paige // "I’ve always loved reading - the adventures it can take you on and the opportunity to get completely lost in a different world - but unfortunately it always falls to the wayside with my busy schedule. With the aim to make it part of my daily routine, I dove into ‘Change by Design’ by Tim Brown as more of an inspirational business read (and I would highly recommend it!), and for something more on the escapism side, I’ve been reading ‘Jitterbug Perfume’."

Ana //  "This is another thing I do not do very often but really want to incorporate into my life. My sister recently gave me a book to read, Alan Watts 'The book on the taboo against knowing who you are" Its a short read and the title intrigued me right away."

Abby // "Reading. Ugh. I find I always try to tell myself I’ll make time to read but end up surfing the web or watching tv. I want to make time this year and read instead of always heading for the tv. One of the books that has been on my list for quite some time is ‘The Great Gatsby’. I love the movie and have been wanting to see how it compares to the famous book."


5 // Let Go of Something From Last Year

It's good to reflect on the past but can make it difficult to live in the present if we are holding onto something or dwelling on past events. We cannot change the past nor can we really predict our future. Living in the now is a great way to experience our life and find the simple pleasure and joys that make life so remarkable.

Paige // "This is a tough one, but I want to try to let go of my perfectionist tendencies and comparing myself and my work to others. I want to focus on what I’m passionate about and what makes me happy, and strive to be the best that I can be, not what I think others expect of me or are doing themselves."

Ana // "Letting go of always having to know the result of something. This is something I definitely did last year that caused a lot of pain. Trying to predict the outcome of something usually left me feeling disappointed. Looking at every circumstance in a positive way really helps and if we really have faith then its not about clinging onto something but about letting go. Just let go."

Abby // "Criticism. I find this is something that is hard for me to take. Whether from a friend, a manger at work, a family member, or even a teacher. I listen to them but inside I find my spirit getting beaten down. Instead of taking this criticism in a negative light, I’m going to focus on making it help me strive to do and be better."