30 Day Spending Challenge


So... I've decided to do something a little crazy. I'm taking on a little personal challenge and figured the best way to hold myself accountable is to share it here on the blog and social media. Starting today, I'm embarking on one month of no spending, purchasing nothing but the necessities. No impulse buys or mindless shopping, but instead a focus on decluttering, donating and repurposing. Getting creative with what I already have and simplifying. Consider it an extreme version of spring cleaning, and a way to reset certain consumerist tendencies.

My boyfriend has thankfully agreed to tackle the challenge with me, and the rules are pretty simple, with the focus being to cut out anything that isn't essential. This also means being smart about grocery shopping and getting creative in the kitchen with items that are already stocked in the cupboards, and eliminating as much waste as possible while still eating fresh and healthy.

One thing we have agreed on is that we'll treat ourselves to one inexpensive meal out a week (something along the lines of neighbourhood favourites Mean Bao, La Cubana on Ossington, or Seven Lives), and limited coffee or tea, limiting it to weekends or meetings. Otherwise, no new clothes, no buying little items for the apartment or studio, none of that. Instead I'm going to be tackling my apartment room by room and getting rid of whatever I can, digging deep into my closet to see what new outfit combinations I can come up with, and overall just focusing on simplifying and appreciating what I already have.

I'm a little scared, but I think this is going to be such a refreshing challenge. Anyone want to join in?