30 Before 30


I turn 29 today, and although I'm pretty ok with getting older for the most part, there are some things I know I want to accomplish before I'm 30, which is why about a year ago or so ago I started my '30 Before 30' list. It's a fairly common exercise, and though I started it awhile ago, it was forgotten for months before I realized that pretty soon I'd only have a year to check the items off, so I'd better get started. Knowing that my success rate with goals is higher when I'm held accountable and put them in writing, I had someone suggest that I blog the list so it's officially out in the universe and I have my readers to hold me to it. Beyond that, I figured it could be fun to document the process of tackling each item and the trials and tribulations that go along with them. So, without further ado, here's the start of my still-in-progress '30 Before 30' list.


Go to Paris // This is the big one, has been for awhile, and probably the hardest to actually accomplish for obvious reasons. Paris has always been one of my dream trips, and definitely one I want to work towards.


Take a wine tasting course // I love my wine but always wish I knew a little more about the different varieties and how to pick the perfect wine.


Make fitness + healthy eating part of day-to-day // This is something I'd say I've already accomplished over the past year, and definitely an aspect of my lifestyle that I'd like to keep up with.


Get good at calligraphy. Find my personal style // I took a calligraphy course a few months ago and, though challenging, I really enjoyed it. The key now is to continue to practice the basic technique so I can develop my own personal style.


Spend at least one day (or even a half day) a month fully exploring a new part of the city // Neighbourhood, park, tourist attraction. Visit a new coffee shop, get lost biking down streets I've never been on.


Spend a weekend in wine country // Take a road trip to somewhere like Niagara or Prince Edward County, bike around a vineyard, do a wine tasting, stay at a cute B&B.


Start (+ finish!) a personal creative project that has nothing to do with Bicyclette // Do more personal projects in general.


Try out a new recipe at least once a week // Though I really enjoy cooking and baking, life can get in the way sometimes and it can be hard to find the time to get creative in the kitchen. This seems like a good way to start challenging myself to try new recipes.


Make time to journal/write consistently // I always struggle with the consistent aspect of this, but it continues to be something that's incredibly important to me.


Find an excuse to get super dressed up with girlfriends and go all out one night // Because why not?


Visit and explore two new cities // Play tourist. Take lots of photos.


Take a dance lesson // Another challenge - and often one that's associated with being "too old" - but there are so many options out there, and sometimes it's good to make a bit of a fool out of yourself. 


Wear lipstick more often // A swipe of lipstick really can work wonders and never fails to make you feel put together no matter what the reality is. Plus, I love the idea of having a signature beauty look.


Design and create a home I love spending time in // Something that definitely takes time, paying attention to all the little details and getting creative with DIY projects and hunting for the perfect treasures.


Start a new record collection. Buying a record player would probably be a good place to start // I used to have a small collection of records but lost them in a breakup, and it's been something I've been meaning to start back up again.


Throw a dinner party for friends. Plan multiple courses, decorate the table - the whole deal // Because this is what "grown ups" do, right? I think this would be such a fun challenge, and one I've never really taken on before.


Run a half marathon (or a run of some sort) // This is my main fitness-related goal (other than generally making it a part of my lifestyle), but I like the fact that it's a really concrete one to work towards, especially after deciding to join the Nike running group as well as the NTC class.


Bake a super fancy cake from scratch and do all of the decorating with a specific theme in mind // Though I've dabbled in baking I've never really attempted a full frosted and decorated cake, so now seems like as good a time as any to add that to the list!


Learn basic bartending skills, how to make the classics, and set up a bar cart // I feel like this is another good life skill to have - especially if I want to be playing hostess now and again.


Learn to surf // I've been somewhat obsessed with surfing for years now (Blue Crush was one of my favourite movies during my a brief period in high school, don't judge!), and though I've tried it a couple of times now, it's still a something I'd like to get better at.